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Cricket SportsDid you know you possibly can refine a search by telling Yahoo to search for certain kinds of content? English cricketer W. G. Grace “taking guard” in 1883. His pads and bat are similar to those used at present. The gloves have advanced considerably. Many modern players utilise extra defensive tools than was obtainable to Grace, notably helmets and arm guards.

Historically , cricket’s origins are uncertain and the earliest particular reference is in south-east England in the midst of the 16th century. It unfold globally with the expansion of the British Empire, leading to the primary international matches within the second half of the 19th century. The sport’s governing body is the Worldwide Cricket Council (ICC), which has over 100 members, twelve of that are full members who play Check matches. The sport’s rules are held in a code known as the Laws of Cricket which is owned and maintained by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London.

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In the photo, the two batsmen (three & eight; wearing yellow) have taken place at each finish of the pitch (6). Three members of the fielding team (4, 10 & 11; sporting darkish blue) are in shot. One of many two umpires (1; carrying white hat) is stationed behind the wicket (2) on the bowler’s (4) finish of the pitch. The bowler (four) is bowling the ball (5) from his finish of the pitch to the batsman (8) on the other finish who is known as the “striker”. The opposite batsman (3) at the bowling end known as the “non-striker”. The wicket-keeper (10), who’s a specialist, is positioned behind the striker’s wicket (9) and behind him stands one of the fielders able referred to as ” first slip ” (11). While the bowler and the primary slip are carrying conventional kit only, the 2 batsmen and the wicket-keeper are wearing protective gear including safety helmets, padded gloves and leg guards (pads).

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