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Cricket SportsAfter more than a month of thrilling and exhausting motion, the last two groups are left standing: India and Sri Lanka. If you use Yahoo Search, you may even see related, personal results chosen from different sources, comparable to your Yahoo Mail. Solely you possibly can see your private search outcomes while you’re signed in. Learn to manage, including turning off, Private Results.

Within the picture, the two batsmen (3 & 8; carrying yellow) have taken position at each finish of the pitch (6). Three members of the fielding crew (four, 10 & 11; sporting dark blue) are in shot. One of many two umpires (1; sporting white hat) is stationed behind the wicket (2) on the bowler’s (4) finish of the pitch. The bowler (four) is bowling the ball (5) from his finish of the pitch to the batsman (8) on the other finish who is known as the “striker”. The opposite batsman (three) on the bowling finish known as the “non-striker”. The wicket-keeper (10), who is a specialist, is positioned behind the striker’s wicket (9) and behind him stands one of the fielders in a position known as ” first slip ” (11). Whereas the bowler and the first slip are carrying standard equipment only, the 2 batsmen and the wicket-keeper are sporting protective gear together with safety helmets, padded gloves and leg guards (pads).

Oui, lors de l’opération NATO Recreation Over. Je jouais du tambourin avec une fanfare à 500 mètres de là où se déroulait l’action. On a été encerclés par la police équestre puis ils nous ont parqués derrière des barrières, à l’abri des regards, avant de nous emmener aux casernes à Bruxelles.

Yahoo has a monetary relationship with some content providers that enables us to ship more useful results to you. When Yahoo isn’t paid to place the content in a specific location on your display screen, the content won’t be labeled. After a nightmare tour of South Africa, Jim Maxwell says David Warner’s reputation has fallen so far in cricket circles and with most people that he could have performed his final match for Australia.

Cricket Australia is thrilled to offer its Sporting Colleges program to children across Australia’s college yards. The Sporting Schools initiative is extraordinarily thrilling for all concerned and we’re keen to grow our recreation and keep our place as one among Australia’s favorite sports.